2020 Ford F-150 Safety Features

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2020 Ford F-150

The future of cars is now. It’s 2020, and new and exciting changes are coming to the cars and trucks of this decade. Consumer mindsets are shifting, and that is directly influencing how cars and trucks are being created. A focus on good gas mileage, ecological impact, and advancements in technology are all focuses of the millennial customer. The millennial consumer base that now is the largest in the world. However, as millennials are coming of age and starting their own families, there is another feature that they are looking for in their cars and trucks – safety.

Oklahomans have a lot to consider when it comes to buying a car. Nearly one-third of the state’s population is made up of people who live rurally, and the rugged terrain of Oklahoma can make finding a vehicle that is durable, suited for rural transportation, and is safe to boot very hard to find.

The 2020 Ford F-150, however, is an excellent option for people looking for a truck that meets all these requirements.

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Safety Features on the 2020 Ford F-150

Basic Safety Features

When looking for a new car, it is essential to make sure that they have basic safety features, like Anti-lock brakes. The Ford F-150 has an impressive array of basic safety features with unique Ford flair.

  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS) come standard in most cars. They come standard in the 2020 F-150, as well. ABS systems are an advanced technology that tells your car that your tires have ceased to rotate, as they might if you slam on your brakes. To prevent the tires from locking up, this system controls the brake by applying the optimal amount of pressure so that the tire does not lock up.
  • Stability control is an electronic sensor system that allows the car to work as a whole to regain the stability of the vehicle. Often, this means telling the engine to lower its power and telling specific brakes to apply themselves. These are all done because it is unlikely that a driver will be able to react quickly enough to keep themselves safe in situations that require stability control.
  • Airbags exist at strategic points in the car as a way to protect the driver and passengers. The Ford F-150 features:
    • Front-impact airbags, which protect the front passenger and driver from head-on collisions.
    • Side-impact airbags, which protect the torso in the event of a side collision.
    • Overhead airbags, which protect all car passengers in the event of a side collision or a rollover.
  • Seatbelt pretensioners allow people to be positioned in the best way possible in the event of a crash.
  • A key security system prevents the car from starting unless the original manufacturer’s key is used.

As well as sticking with what it does well, Ford has also made updates to existing safety features on the F-150.

To start, the 2020 F-150 comes with an advanced electro-hydraulic system for its pro trailer backing system. What this does is allow it to make more precision turns at lower speeds – something which is integral to backing a trailer safely.

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Smart Features that Enhance Safety

The Ford F-150 comes equipped with the Ford Co-Pilot 360, one of the most significant advancements in driver-assist technology to come out of any modern car brand. Co-Pilot 360 is an all-encompassing driver assist technology that not only works to alert the driver of any potential issues with their driving but also works with the trailer they tow.

Some of the features in the Ford Co-Pilot 360 include:

  • A lane-keeping system, which alerts the driver if they are steering out of a lane and corrects the steering to keep them safe.
  • BLIS with trailer coverage, which not only alerts drivers of vehicles or obstacles in blind spots on the truck but also alerts them to blind spots on their trailer towing package.
  • Pre-collision assist with automatic braking helps drivers identify and react to potential collision threats (including pedestrians) in a line of sight. If a driver does not respond (apply brakes) in the event of a potential collision, the car will apply brakes in response.
  • A rearview camera helps you back up with ease and confidence.
  • Auto-sensing high beam headlamps help you keep your focus on the road without having to worry about turning your high beams on and off again. Not only does this keep you out of precarious situations, but it also helps other drivers.
  • Cruise control with automatic stop and go technology allows you to enter different traffic patterns without having to adjust the cruise control yourself manually. It senses the speed of traffic in front of you and adjusts accordingly, so you never have to worry about making a quick stop or continuously fiddling with your cruise control settings.

These are only the safety-related features on the F-150. The truck has many more convenience-related tech features on it. Ask your local dealer about these when you make your next car shop.

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Crash Test Ratings

Finally, there are few ratings aside from NHTSA crash test ratings that can make a person feel more secure about the truck they drive. Adaptive technology helps in most situations, but for some drivers, there comes a time when little else will help a situation other than a fortified car that will protect on impact.

The F-150 passed NHTSA crash ratings with flying colors. The overall frontal crash safety rating for the F-150 was 5/5 stars, the side crash rating was 5/5 stars, and the rollover rating was 4 / 5 stars – still well above average for a crash test rating. These ratings are also based on the actuality of a collision, which with the assistive technology is much likely to happen than on older car and truck models.

For a sturdy and dependable truck that can navigate the back roads of Oklahoma safely, look no further than the Ford F-150. Interested in purchasing an F-150 or something like it? Come down to Zeck Ford in Purcell, Oklahoma. We have a wide selection of new and used cars and trucks of all makes and models. Click here to get started on financing or to schedule an appointment to view a car.

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