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When it comes to Ford vehicles, there are a few that stand out among the crowd. The Ford F-150 is well-beloved among American truck owners. The Ford Mustang has delighted sports car fans since 1964. However, when it comes to modern vehicles, there’s another Ford that we have on the back of our mind when it comes to influential cars in the Ford family. The Ford Escape, though less of a flashy vehicle than the Mustang and less widely known than the F-150, has a special place in Zeck Ford of Oklahoma’s heart.

The Ford Escape is a practical SUV, designed so that it is suitable for families as well as for people looking for a vehicle that can do more than a sedan. The Escape also holds the title to a “first” in the history of all cars. In 2004, the Ford Escape became the first hybrid SUV available on the market. This made waves in the SUV market, as the cars were gaining popularity but failed to address consumer concerns about their overall fuel consumption. Since its release, the hybrid vehicle has continued to make strides and stay at the top of its class. To this day, few other SUVs look or drive quite like the Escape.

But Ford has never been a fan of keeping everything the same for all of time. Continually striving to better their entire line of vehicles, Ford has made some recent changes to the popular hybrid SUV. And as of 2020, the Ford Escape is looking different than its earlier iterations – we think for the better.

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New Design, New Consumer Expectations

If you were to put the 2020 Ford Escape next to one of the older models of the Escape, you might not be able to recognize it. Gone is the tall, semi-boxy nature of the earlier versions, and here to stay is a lower-to-the ground, sleek, completely different car. Although it doesn’t look entirely like a Subaru Outback, you could say that the new Ford Escape found a way to merge that sort of sporty look with the dependability that Escape owners seek. The remodel was first released in October of 2019, and sales have exceeded expectations on the brand-new SUV.

Part of the remodel of the 2020 Ford Escape was due to a need to increase its efficiency overall. Older versions of the car certainly met consumer expectations when it came to space efficiency. However, the size and shape of the car (which was initially modeled to increase space efficiency) somewhat hindered the speed and MPH capacity of the vehicle. By reshaping the 2020 Ford Escape, Ford was able to keep the spaciousness of the original while also increasing its fuel and speed efficiency.

However, another reason that Ford decided to redesign the 2020 Ford Escape was to meet consumer needs. Over the past decade, sales have shown that Americans tend to purchase SUVs and trucks over sedans. In response, Ford phased out the American sale of their sedans this past year. However, not all Ford customers are truck and SUV drivers. The remodeling of the Ford Escape as a crossover SUV was meant to appease current Escape drivers while also appealing to former Ford Sedan drivers.

Technology For Everyone

It wasn’t just the looks of the Ford Escape that got an upgrade. The 2020 Ford Escape comes with a slew of technology for both primary users and upgraded users.

Standard with every version of the SUV are:

  • Auto high-beam headlamps, which help other drivers as well as the people driving the car.
  • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with cross-traffic alert, which enables you to drive safely on double-lane roads.
  • Lane-Keeping System with lane-keeping assist, lane-keeping alert, and driver alert technologies.
  • Pre-Collision Assist with automatic emergency braking, which includes pedestrian detection and forward collision warning. This technology helps drivers brake more quickly and avoid potential collisions with inanimate objects, people, and animals. This also includes dynamic brake support.
  • Rearview camera, which helps drivers pay attention to their front end and back end when backing their car.
  • Hill Start Assist, which assures that cars do not roll backward or forward without command when stopped on a steep hill.

Additionally, there are add-on technical options to the 2020 Ford Escape. These include:

  • Active Park Assist 2.0, which helps drivers park in sticky situations. This includes reverse and front parking assistance.
  • Adaptive cruise control options, which help you drive more efficiently and safely over long distances. Additional add-ons include stop-and-go technology and lane-centering technology.
  • Evasive steering assist.

Advanced Hybrid Capabilities

The Ford Escape Hybrid made history as the first Hybrid SUV on the market. Today, it is still breaking the boundaries of SUV manufacturing by increasing its hybrid capabilities. Now the Ford Escape comes with two hybrid engine options – the Hybrid Assist or the plug-in hybrid with Hybrid assist. The plug-in gives users the opportunity of using the car in a fully-electric setting. When using the all-electric setting, you can get up to thirty miles on just electricity. From there, you can switch over to hybrid-assist. Altogether, the hybrid technology helps drivers reduce their carbon footprint and save fuel money. The 2020 Escape gets up to 41 MPG combined.

Spacious & Accommodating

Even with the updates to the fuel efficiency on the 2020 Ford Escape, fans of the Escape were worried that the redesign would compromise the vast interior of the car. However, Ford managed to keep the space by increasing the width of the vehicle overall. Drivers and passengers can still enjoy ample headroom, with 40 inches of headroom for the driver and 39.3 inches of headroom in the backseat. Legroom is also still comfortable, with 42.4 inches of legroom in the front seat and 40.7 inches of legroom in the backseat. Passengers and drivers alike can enjoy more shoulder room and hip room than the previous version, as well.

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We’re excited about the 2020 Ford Escape here at Zeck Ford, Oklahoma, and you should be, too. It’s the perfect family car to drive around the Oklahoma City area, regardless of the season. To browse our Ford Escape inventory, click here.

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