5 Things To Know When Trading in Your Vehicle

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If you’re currently shopping for a car, you probably know that you can trade-in your vehicle for credit at most dealerships. Several problems revolve around the way that most dealerships typically do this, however. For the most part, they keep their customers out of the loop on the whole process, which can leave the customer feeling helpless.

Additionally, when the time comes for their customers to get a quote on the car they intend to trade in, customers don’t always get a price they are looking for. Without excellent communication, the reasons why they don’t get a good trade-in value may remain a mystery.

At Zeck Ford in Purcell, we always discuss what we think when it comes to your trade-in vehicle. But here are a few tips and tricks you might like to know about before you get started at our dealership.

The Kelley Blue Book Is Your Friend (But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up)

If you want a good idea of what your car is worth, many people swear by Kelley Blue Book. KBB is an excellent resource for getting started. It will walk you through what condition types mean and will give you current market value prices. The KBB is even great for bringing you down to earth. It lets people know that only 54% of trade-in cars make the “good” condition marker. Arguably, knowing this makes a lot of people try harder to get their trade-in cars up to snuff.

However, the one thing that KBB does not tell people looking to trade in their cars is that every dealership is different and will have different trade-in conditions. Always talk to the dealership and ask them to go into detail about what they consider a clean or like-new car. Alternately, if they have a trade-in calculator (like Zeck Ford in Purcell), work your way through that and don’t bank on that number.

Have A General Idea Of The Market Price

This is somewhat related to using the Kelley Blue Book, but it is worth doing a little extra research about the current market price of your vehicle. Most websites you can research this on will give you a range, and this is more helpful than an exact number. It will ensure that you are well aware of how much you should be asking for so that you don’t end up selling or trading in your car for much less.

Of course, you will never get the full amount as a trade-in. After all, the dealership will be doing a lot of the cleaning and conditioning of the car, all of the sales steps, and more to get your vehicle sold. That equates to money. The difference is those trustworthy dealerships give you a fair price that combines your work and needs and theirs.

At Zeck Ford, we trust our customers have done their due diligence. We always give you a reasonable trade-in rate, regardless of the state of your car.

What Should I Ask The Dealership?

You have questions, and all dealerships are different. Still, there are specific questions you can ask every dealership that should help you negotiate a confusing and typically stressful deal like a trade-in.

  • What records and paperwork will I need to make my trade-in? This question is essential because without the right paperwork, the process might be prolonged. Usually, you’ll need proof of ownership (the title) at a bare minimum. When you schedule a trade-in time at Zeck Ford, we will let you know precisely what you need.
  • How long will the process take? Although each trade-in will be different, dealerships will have typical trade-in process times. They’llThey’ll let you know these before you come in so you can understand what to expect.
  • Can I look at the cars on the lot before I trade in my vehicle? This is an especially important question. Trustworthy dealerships like Zeck Ford will always let you browse our inventory before valuing a trade-in. This way, you’ll not only know that you want to work with the dealership, but you’ll have a better idea of how much money you’ll need to get the car you want.
  • Will I be able to revisit this offer if the time is not right? Sometimes, you think you’re ready to trade in your car when you aren’t. Be sure to ask the dealership if the offer still stands if you are unsure about trading in your vehicle at that exact time and place.

You Should Clean Your Car?

Have you ever heard the phrase “time is money”? This phrase applies to many things, including the time spent cleaning the car you intend on trading in.

Sure, all dealerships spend some time cleaning the cars they get as trade-ins. That is how they get that new car smell into used vehicles on their lot, and how they delight customers with a clean looking vehicle every time. But there is a difference between wiping the dashboard down and cleaning out years’ worth of gunk from every seat of your once-daily driver.

You don’t need to go overboard when it comes to cleaning out your car, truck, or SUV, but do some maintenance.

  • Check every possible place for leftover items, and be sure those are out of the car. Yes, this includes spare change and gum wrappers.
  • Give the interior windows a quick spray and wipe down.
  • Give the car a quick vacuum to pick up excess dirt, rocks, or food.

That’s it. You don’t need to worry about getting out that “lived-in” funk or replacing the one floor mat that got coffee spilled on it. Dealerships understand that accidents happen. However, they do appreciate it when their customers put in their best efforts.

Zeck Ford in Purcell, Oklahoma, has great trade-in prices on all our vehicles. We even have a tool online that helps you value your trade-in. Click here to check and see how much your old car could be worth. If you like what you see, call us at (405) 253-0187 or stop by our Purcell location at 2311 North 9th Avenue any day but Sunday. We can help you get the trade-in value for your car you need to make your next car purchase.

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