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Ford Safety Feature - Lane Centering

Breaking Down the Protective Features Included with New Cars for Sale at Your Local Ford Dealer in Oklahoma

When you hit a new car dealership in Oklahoma, we’re sure that you have a few specific must-haves that are top-of-mind when making your selection.

For instance, some people want the lowest cost of ownership humanly possible. In that case, we’d show them one of our many quality pre-owned vehicles on the Zeck Ford lot with the best fuel economy.

Or perhaps you need amazing towing capability for lugging around heavy supplies or trailers. In that case, you can’t go wrong with the tried-and-true Ford F-150, which is offered in a few different engine options so that you’re sure to get the power you need.

Although power, cost of ownership, and the ability to drive on challenging terrain all rank high with buyers when they shop for new cars and trucks, we can’t forget about the importance of safety. Let’s review some of the top Ford safety features that drivers and passengers will love.

Ford Safety and Driver Assistance Features

Although Ford vehicles are offered in many different trim levels with several options for configuration, one thing that’s standard across the board are safety features. Safety isn’t a perk you should pay extra for – it’s customary on all vehicles that bear Ford’s signature blue oval. Safety is the number one priority.

Here are the top five safety features you can look forward to when you go with a new Ford vehicle.

#1 – Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Stop-and-Go and Lane Centering

Utilizing advanced radar and camera technology, adaptive cruise control allows drivers to set a cruising speed and distance between themselves and the car ahead of them. When the vehicle in front of you slows down, your vehicle will adapt and slow down with it. When the vehicle in front of you speeds back up, so too will your vehicle, topping out at the original preset speed.

With Stop-and-Go technology, if the vehicle in front of you comes to a complete stop or decides to slam on their brakes, your vehicle will follow suit. If you’re stopped for more than three seconds, you simply need to hit the “RES” button or the accelerator pedal to resume ACC system operation.

Lane centering is another great feature that protects drivers by scanning lane markings and helping drivers stay inside the lines. If you happen to start drifting over to another lane, the system will kick in and make the necessary correction.

Ford drivers also have the option to upgrade to Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (IACC). It includes every feature previously mentioned with ACC, but with the added bonus of the vehicle scanning speed limit signs and automatically adjusting to remain within the posted speed limit.

#2 – Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with Cross-Traffic Alert

There’s no part of driving that’s more nerve-wracking than changing lanes on a busy freeway while going 70 mph. All it takes is one car in your blind spot or speeding up into your intended lane-change area to cause a problem.

However, with Ford’s Blind Spot Information System, your vehicle is able to detect if vehicles are in the lane that you want and will alert you if the lane change isn’t safe. Cross-traffic alert performs the same function when you’re backing out of the driveway or parking spot.

Additionally, BLIS is offered with trailer coverage. If you’re ever towing a boat or a trailer, you can change lanes with confidence knowing that every blind spot – including the blind spots of what’s being towed – are covered.

#3 – Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking

Defensive driving should be part of everyone’s best practices when out on the road, but even the most defensive drivers are faced with hazards from time to time. This could take the form of another car, an obstruction, or even a person. Whatever the case may be, your Ford will be ready with the pre-collision assist and automatic emergency braking feature.

This feature continuously scans the road in front of you, looking for potential hazards. In the event that an impact is imminent with no corrective action taken by the driver, the system will kick in by applying the brakes automatically.

#4 – Rear View Camera

The rear-view camera is a crowd favorite among drivers who hate craning their necks to look behind them or have kids who leave toys and other items in the driveway. With this extra set of electronic eyes on the back of your vehicle, you can go in reverse with confidence and never have to worry about bumping the garbage cans again.

#5 – Hill Descent Control

Even to the most seasoned of drivers, navigating steep hills and inclines can cause anxiety behind the wheel. If you’re towing a trailer behind you, navigating your descent becomes all the more difficult.

However, with Hill Descent Control, this process is made far easier. As the name implies, hill descent control will help you maintain a reasonable set speed while you’re driving down an incline. This intelligent system will apply the brakes as needed, making for anxiety-free towing.

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