The Benefits of Buying a Used Vehicle at Zeck Ford

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Buying a new vehicle versus a pre-owned vehicle is a personal choice that comes with its own pros and cons. Many factors go into making the decision, which is why we’ve assembled this handy guide to help you choose the right car-buying path for you.

Pre-Owned Vehicles Depreciate More Slowly

Of all the advantages of buying a used car compared to a brand new one, the biggest factor to consider is the rate at which a new vehicle depreciates. Because car makers release new models every year, you can expect to see about a 19 percent decrease in the value of your new vehicle on a yearly basis. A used car, on the other hand, retains its value more efficiently, as it’s come into your possession after a reduction in its value, and subsequent trades will not affect it much.

Used Cars Come with a More Affordable Price Tag

Most consumers like to purchase the latest products that cost far more than their older counterparts or previously-released models. However, a gently-used car can still look immaculate and offer most of the same modern features as this model year’s vehicle, but with a significantly lower number on the price tag. Often, used vehicles are a better value than new ones for this reason, and give car shoppers a chance to get a fabulous deal on a new-to-them vehicle.

You’ll Have More Vehicles to Choose From

The used car inventory at our Ford dealership is expansive, and includes vehicles from all trim levels with lots of options. Newer cars tend to have limited options and trim levels on the lot, so you may have to special-order a vehicle (and pay fees) to get exactly what you want.

Cost of Ownership is Lower

In addition to the purchase price of a used car being more affordable, so, too, are the costs of ownership, specifically insurance, registration, and taxes – including sales tax you have to pay when you buy any vehicle.

Relax! Your Car is Pre-Owned

Buying a used car can give you peace of mind that a new vehicle can’t. For example, there’s a lower risk of theft with older cars. Owners of new vehicles often put subconscious psychological pressure on themselves to keep their cars free from any damage or wear-and-tear. Getting a minor dent or scratch can feel devastating. Older vehicles allow you to relax and enjoy driving without constant fear or stress.

Used Cars are Just as Reliable

Some people believe used cars were traded into the dealership for a reason. While there usually is a reason they were traded in, it’s not for the sinister reasons people may think! Leases expire, families grow, and upgrades become necessary for some people. The truth is that all the used vehicles on the Zeck Ford lot in Purcell, Oklahoma, have undergone a 120-point inspection before we ever offer them for sale. This rigorous check ensures that our customers get the best possible quality used vehicle.

Our thorough inspections include:

  • A review of the vehicle’s history, former maintenance, and ownership
  • Safety and performance-related road tests, at a variety of speeds
  • Examination of interior and exterior features
  • An engine check and maintenance

Rest assured that when you buy a used vehicle at Zeck Ford near Oklahoma City, you’ll be driving off our lot with one of the best pre-owned cars available in the area.

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