The Best Places to Go Off-Roading Near Oklahoma City

May 9th, 2022 by

2022 ford bronco sport offroading in mud

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Escape the pavement this summer and pay a visit to one of Oklahoma’s top off-road trails. Experience the thrills of tackling tough terrain in a truck or SUV that’s made especially for climbing rock and navigating mud.

If you’re ready to take it off – off the road, that is – then you need to visit Zeck Ford OKC in Purcell to buy the perfect SUV or truck for sale for Oklahoma’s trails, like an F-150 Raptor, Ford Bronco or Bronco Sport, or an Expedition Timberline. You’ll get the best deal on off-road vehicles at our new car dealership in Oklahoma, without having to haggle for a lower price.

Once you’ve got the keys in your hand, try these favorite rugged spots for off-roading!

Bee Creek and Dyer Mountain Trail in Ouachita National Forest

Near Broken Bow, this 13.7-mile point-to-point trail is moderately challenging with deep mud puddles and steep ascents and descents. It’s the perfect place to put the GOAT modes of your new Ford Bronco Sport to the test!

Some off-roaders report that stock SUVs or trucks can make it through fine, while others suggest taking a 4×4 vehicle with extra ground clearance to avoid rock scrapes.

One of the best things about this trail is the beautiful scenery and the opportunity to experience nature as you take breaks from driving. Explore around the lake on Bee Creek Mountain and enjoy spectacular views from Dyer Mountain. At the end of the trail, near Cedar Creek Golf Course, hop out of your truck and walk to the Caney Creek waterfall.

Harold F. Miller Auto Tour Route in Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge

If you’ve never gone off-roading or you want a laid back day behind the wheel, this 4.9-mile out-and-back trail near Amorita is perfect! Nature lovers and off-roaders alike can find something to enjoy on a scenic drive of wetlands with marsh views.

Along the route, you’ll see a variety of shorebirds, amphibians, wildflowers, and trees. If it’s a particularly hot summer day in Oklahoma – and too buggy around the wetlands – you can enjoy your 4×4’s air conditioning with the windows up while you take in the visual treats.

Before you go, note that the trail begins near the Wildlife Refuge headquarters and connects to State Highway 11.

Disney Island

An hour northeast of Tulsa, find Disney, a town with no relation to the entertainment conglomerate you’re thinking of. Accessible only by the Pensacola Dam, Disney Island is less than 1.5 square miles, but nearly the entirety is dedicated to off-roading. You’ll find miles of trails and rock crawling, ideal for smaller off-road vehicles – so leave the Raptor or Tremor at home.

You’ll need a reservation to go off-roading here – and plan to make it a day trip or stay overnight elsewhere because Disney Island doesn’t have any hotel accommodations.

Kiamichi Trail in the Ouachita National Forest
If you’re looking for something more rugged than the Dyer Mountain Trail, Kiamichi Trail, or K-Trail, as it’s affectionately known, is about 80 miles in total. As you drive, you’ll encounter mud and fairly strenuous rock crawling along a narrow, tree-lined trail.

Experienced K-Trail off-roaders recommend bringing along gear to clear downed trees in your path, as it’s likely you’ll run across at least one. They also advise that the final 40 miles of trail could be privatized in certain areas, so be careful to not trespass unintentionally.

Ouachita National Forest has lots of options for camping, so you can easily make a weekend of off-roading here!

Crossbar Ranch

An hour outside Oklahoma City, near Zeck Ford OKC, you’ll find Crossbar Ranch, a privately owned off-road park in Davis. Although it costs an admission fee of $15 just to get in, once you’re there, you’ll enjoy more than 6,500 acres and maintained trails for good, muddy family fun. We think that’s a pretty nice deal – and we know deals at Zeck Ford OKC.

Pack your camping gear or your rolling suitcase and enjoy luxury accommodations or good old-fashioned campsites. Eat at their restaurant and make any repairs to your off-road ride at their repair center. You can even refuel from inside the park!

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