The Ford F-150 Offers Versatility and Reliability

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2019 Ford F-150

A lot of times, when someone tells you that something is the best you take it with a grain of salt. But we’re here to tell you that when it comes to getting the best, most reliable, and most versatile truck, you cannot beat the Ford F-150. Don’t just take our word for it! The Ford F-150 has been a best-selling car since the late seventies and has been the number one truck sold in the United States for over forty years. It’s beloved by many — for some, it’s because of the excellent, old-fashioned American reliability that you find from Ford cars and trucks. For others, it’s because it is such a help to their daily work that it’s hard not to love. Whatever the reason, you’re likely to find more people who recommend the Ford F-150 than any other truck on the market.

When considering your next truck purchase, there are several things worth thinking about before settling on a particular vehicle. Here are some of the things the folks at Zeck Ford usually help customers consider prior to purchasing their new cars, and some of the reasons why if you’re looking at buying a new truck you should look no further than the Ford F-150.

What Do You Need Your Car For?

There’s a difference between your dream car and the car you need for practical use. To figure out what’s feasible for you, one of the best questions to ask yourself is what you need from a car or truck. For our customers who’ve purchased Ford F-150s in the past, these are some of the reasons why these trucks have come in handy.

  • Ford F-150s are great for those who work on farms and doing manual labor. Never underestimate the worth of a competent, old-fashioned truck when it comes to getting a manual labor job done. With a high payload and superior hauling capabilities, this truck is excellent for construction work, carpentry, and hauling farm loads.
  • Do you do a lot of hauling unrelated to work? If so, this could be the truck for you. Maybe you’re retired, and work is the furthest thing from your mind. That doesn’t mean that you should think about a truck’s capabilities. One of the biggest reasons why people research trucks is for their hauling capabilities. The Ford F-150 can handle trailers up to 6,000 pounds. So whether you want to put a camper on the bed or haul around a few horses, your F-150 should be able to get the job done.
  • Camping and off-roading? No problem! You’ve likely heard of the Raptor if you’re an off-roader. If you’re a cheap off-roader, you might have written it off your list of affordable trucks. However, the Raptor was built off the Ford F-150. So, for all it’s worth, if you’re not a full-time off-roader or adventurer, the F-150 will suit you just fine for rugged terrain, mud, and rocks. The F-150 is designed to work hard for you, so it won’t let you down. If you have the extra money, you can modify the F-150 as you go and create your own reliable off-roader.

Who Will You Be Driving?

If you have children, chances are likely you are looking for something that is both safe and reliable. But really, that should be the gold standard for any car you drive! Your safety is something Zeck Ford takes very seriously, which is why we recommend the Ford F-150 over many of the trucks available today. On the NHTSA crash test rating done on the 2019 Ford F-150, it got an overall 5/5 star rating for safety. It fared 5/5 stars for frontal crash test rating, 5/5 for side test rating, and 4/5 for rollover safety rating. This means that it has a 19% or less chance of rolling over on the road, which are pretty good statistics for a car so high off the ground. Many SUVs get lower ratings in this field.

How Much Can You Afford to Spend on a New Car?

Let’s face it — trucks are never the cheapest types of vehicles to get our hands-on. However, the Ford F-150 is much more reasonably priced than many of the similar-grade pickups on the market in 2019. Starting price for a Ford F-150 is about $29,000. The Chevy Silverado, with similar size and weight, starts at around $37,000 and the Dodge Ram starts at $34,000 for the base model. It’s clear to see that for the same reliability and dependability, you can still get a reasonably priced truck.

For the best Ford dealership in the greater Purcell, Oklahoma area look no further than Zeck Ford of Oklahoma. We can get you set up with a versatile, reliable Ford F-150 for a price that works for you. Call our sales department at (405) 253-0187 to ask about the array of Ford trucks and other vehicles that we have on the lot. We finance, regardless of credit, and can get you in a car that works for you with ease.

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