The Top 6 Truck Accessories to Get You Through the Winter

October 15th, 2021 by

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Find a New Truck for Sale in Purcell, Oklahoma, and Deck It Out

Trucks are fun for driving on cold winter days, with snow on the ground, and patches of ice on the roadway. You can smile with satisfaction when the four-wheel drive kicks in and does its job to keep you safe as your tires grip the road.

When you’re looking at Ford F-150s for sale, you don’t always find one with every feature you want on it. Unless, of course, you custom order your new Ford F-150, which we can help with! Thankfully, you can upgrade your Ford truck with a variety of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) accessories and aftermarket truck accessories to make your truck uniquely yours.

For a little bit of inspiration, we’ve detailed our six favorite accessories to add before winter hits here in Oklahoma. Are you ready?

Add Seat Warmers or Heated Blankets to the Cab of Your Ford F-150

Not everyone has heated seats. If you bought an F-150 XL or XLT, your tough truck might not be equipped. And that’s OK because there are aftermarket seat warmers or heated blankets you can use to add cozy and comfortable elements to your truck.

You can purchase OEM heated seats and accessories from ourFord dealership near you, or you can buy aftermarket seat covers that plug into the electrical outlet and toast your buns that way. Heated blankets are a very affordable option and great for backseat passengers who beg for you to turn the heat up when it’s already warm in the front.

These added features make holiday road trips and winter excursions much more merry and bright.

Purchase a Winch After You Buy a New Truck for Sale in Oklahoma City, OK

If you plan on off-roading or doing hard labor with your truck, or if you’re the family member everyone calls when their fancy new cars are stuck, then you’ll want to buy a winch to pull them out.

Some truck owners are lucky enough to buy a truck with a built-in winch; watch for this new feature in upcoming Ford truck models at the Ford dealership near you.

Protect Your Cargo with a Tonneau Cover

Keep snow, ice, and rain out of your truck bed this winter with a tonneau cover over your truck bed. They lock closed when your tailgate is up, and lift or unroll to open your bed up when you need to haul taller items.

You can find inexpensive tonneau covers straight from your local Ford dealership; just talk to the parts department to learn about your options and how to get your new cover installed.

Be Prepared with All-Weather Mats

Oklahoma drivers might not get snow and ice as often as other places in the midwest, but when you do, it’s best to be prepared to protect the interior of your truck.

When you decide to buy a new truck for sale, order all-weather floor mats from the dealership. These thick, rubberized mats protect your truck’s carpeting from ice melt, salt, and build-up of other debris your boots will carry inside.

All-weather floor mats are made specifically for your Ford F-150’s interior and are shaped and designed to stay in place without slipping underneath your accelerator or brake pedals. Buying other aftermarket floor mats can spell disaster because they aren’t made exactly for your truck’s interior.

Make Extra Money This Winter with a Snowplow on Your New Truck

Tough trucks take care of winter hazards in an instant with an accessory snowplow. If you’re planning to take on a side gig this winter, snow plowing is a great way to make a few extra bucks.

You can help business owners clear their parking lots and plow your neighbors’ driveways to save everyone an unnecessary workout. And that extra cash can go toward your truck payment when you finance through Zeck Ford near Norman, Oklahoma.

Install Winter Tires After You Buy a Ford F-150

Winter tires can help keep you safe when driving on slick roadways. Even with four-wheel drive, snow tires give a little extra grip on the roadway and help you maintain control on icy roads.

Or, if you want to skip out on a new set of tires just for the season, take a look at the condition of your existing tires. If you have adequate tread, then you’re probably safe to drive in the snow. If your tires are looking a little too smooth, you should purchase all-purpose tires for your truck, with the protection of Zeck’s Low-Price New Tire Guarantee.

Visit our New Car Dealership in Oklahoma to Make Your Truck All Yours

Trick out your truck with top winter accessories this fall, so you’re ready when the first snow falls. You can find these accessories and more through the parts department at Zeck Ford in Purcell, Oklahoma, a used and new car dealership near Norman and Oklahoma City.

Call us today to start the process of buying a new Ford F-150, or to talk to our parts department to get the accessories you need to turn a truck you love into a truck you’re obsessed with.

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