What Makes Zeck Dealerships Different? The Zecksperience!

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Each year, millions of Americans make their way to car dealerships to get a new car. This is simultaneously one of the most exciting times of a person’s life while also being one of the most stressful. New cars signify a new leaf in a person’s life. Perhaps they’re making more money than they used to, and this is a treat to themselves. Sometimes, new cars signify an upgrade in family members – like leaping from a once single-child family to a van-needing caravan of children!

But with all that excitement also comes natural tension. Customers worry about where they are going to get the money to pay for their car, whether they are going to have a good car buying experience, or how long it will take them to pay back their auto loan.

Zeck Ford in Purcell, Oklahoma, believes no one should ever have to worry during their car shopping. A new car almost always surrounds positive experiences, so the shopping experience should maintain that positivity. That’s why we are committed to giving our customers the Zecksperience when they shop for their next car with us.

What is the Zecksperience?

The Zecksperience is Zeck Ford’s unique take on customer car shopping. We center our sales around customer needs and wants, and we make sure all our salespeople focus on empathy with every interaction. We want to make sure that potential customers, returning customers, and everyone who walks into our location with the intent to buy a car feels as though their unique life experience helps them find the vehicle that is right for them.

As well as focusing on empathy, we make sure that we uphold the following standards.

Safety Comes First With All Our Cars

Zeck Ford sells new cars as well as pre-owned cars. New car customers have the luxury of knowing the vehicle they purchase is safe. After all, it is fresh from the factory after having been approved for sale at a dealership. The factory ensures everything is installed correctly and that the vehicle is operating properly.

That being said, it is hard to feel entirely safe about used cars. You don’t usually meet their former owners, and in the case of private sellers, you don’t know much about their reputation. The used cars sold at Zeck Ford in Oklahoma are different, however. Each vehicle sold on our lot goes through a rigorous 120-point inspection. If anything is found to be the matter with the used car, we fix it up, so it passes that inspection. Additionally, if you have any questions about the vehicle’s maintenance history, the Carfax report is available upon request.

We Want You to Save Money

When we say we want you to save money, we’re not just saying those words for no reason. We understand that purchasing a new car is a substantial financial commitment, but it shouldn’t be a strain. To save our customers money, we employ talented vehicle scouts who attend car auctions across the country and purchase the best new and used cars for the lowest prices. On average, customers who buy their vehicles at one of the Zeck locations save 10% on the average cost of the vehicle make and model they chose.

We Will Never Haggle With You

Haggling isn’t becoming, especially not in a situation where a customer already feels stressed and out of their element. In a dealership setting, haggling usually occurs when a car salesperson tries to get a customer to take a deal on a car that benefits the salesperson. While this transaction can sometimes also help the customer, it usually always makes the customer feel easy.

At Zeck Ford, we do not believe in haggling with the customer on anything – from the price of the car to the payment plan to the type of car they want to purchase. If the customer comes in with a specific make and model they’d like to view, we happily oblige. We also honor budgetary requests, and we always offer the customer the best price right off the bat. Don’t believe it? Check Kelley Blue Book. That is how we base our pricing.

We Believe Your Time Is Important

Finally, we know that your time is very important. You’ve got a job, a social life, and a family, and you likely don’t have much time to yourself. Why waste it at a place like a dealership when a lot of the time-consuming actions related to car buying can be done at your computer? Put on your latest Netflix binge and check out some of the things you can do online to save time, including:

These online services are part of our dedication to streamlining the car purchase process for our customers, so that car buying isn’t a hassle.

Why Choose the Zecksperience?

There are thousands of car dealerships all over the United States, including quite a few in the Purcell, Oklahoma area. So, why should you go with Zeck Ford over the competition?

Our diverse inventory and great prices aside, we want our customers to become part of the Zeck family. We offer everything they need to buy a car, make easy payments, and keep their car well-maintained throughout its life.

Zeck Ford is about more than just selling cars, it’s about creating a lifetime of pleasant and memorable car experiences. Scroll up to the links above to see our inventory of new and used vehicles. Or stop by our location. We’re at 2311 North 9th Avenue in Purcell, and we’re open Monday through Saturday. Visit our main site for more detailed information.

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