Why You Should Build Your Own Ford at Zeck

May 2nd, 2022 by

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Custom Order New Cars at Our Oklahoma Ford Dealer

If you’ve looked around at every Ford dealership near you looking for the perfect new car for sale, but you haven’t found it, Zeck Ford OKC has a solution.

Join the ranks of car buyers choosing to order a new Ford from the factory. Don’t worry – it’s easy to do, and Zeck Ford OKC can help you through the process.

Reap the unexpected benefits of custom-ordering your new car – and see just how simple it is.

How to Order Your New Car for Sale

Requesting a special-order vehicle is easy.

  1. Visit the custom-build page on our website.
  2. Click “Build My Ford” to transfer to the Vehihttps://www.zeckfordokc.com/build-my-ford/cle Builder page.
  3. Click on the Ford vehicle you want. Note that not every vehicle will appear in this list; not all models can be custom ordered at any given time.
  4. Select the body style, trim, powertrain, color, and packages you want included in your new ride.
  5. On the summary page, view the purchase cost estimate for your new Ford truck or SUV.
  6. Click “Request a Quote” to receive an exact cost for your vehicle, or select “Schedule an Appointment” to meet with a personal shopper at Zeck Ford OKC to learn more about how to get your vehicle. You also can click “Search Current Inventory” to see if we have an exact match in stock.
  7. If you choose to special order, you’ll pay a deposit on the vehicle, which will go to production. Ford then delivers the vehicle to our Oklahoma Ford dealer, where you complete your purchase.

Why Go Through the Custom-Build Process to Get a New Car?

If you’re feeling flustered about having to take these steps to get the car of your dreams, our advice is to take a few deep breaths.

Why? Because you’ll soon find out just how great custom-ordering your Ford can be! There are lots of benefits to doing so, and you’re going to love the results: driving around in a Ford truck or SUV that meets all your needs and wants.

You’ll Have Help from Our Oklahoma Ford Dealer Along the Way

When you custom-order a truck or SUV, our new car dealership in Oklahoma will help you and answer your questions throughout the process. It’s no different from how we help you get into a new vehicle from our inventory – and we’re always happy to assist in any way we can.

Our impeccable customer service philosophy – which we affectionately call the Zecksperience – is your ticket to getting exactly what you want from your new vehicle.

Ordering a New Ford is Affordable

Although you do need to pay an additional fee for shipping, called a destination charge – the amount it costs to have your vehicle delivered to our dealership – you pay nothing extra for your vehicle on top of that.

Although the destination charge can vary, it’s never a secret; you’ll know exactly how much it is up front when you place your order, and you can roll it into your auto loan.

When you place your order, you’ll need to pay a deposit – usually about $500 – which then applies to your purchase, so you’re putting those funds to good use.

You’ll Get Exactly What You Want in a New Car

Buying a new Ford – or any vehicle – isn’t a small purchase. So why should you compromise on the features of your new truck or SUV? You shouldn’t have to!

Custom-ordering a new car through Ford means you get exactly what you want and need. Instead of debating which nearly perfect vehicle at the Ford dealership near you is the best available option, you can get everything exactly the way you desire, down to paint color, convenience features, and bonuses, like heated seats, remote start, and tons of safety equipment.

No One Else Has Ever Sat Behind the Wheel of Your New Car

When you visit a new car dealership in Oklahoma, there’s a good chance someone else has sat in the driver’s seat of every brand-new model on the lot, and just as much of a chance that the vehicle has been test-driven a few times.

If you’re the type of person who wants your new car to be more or less untouched by random human hands, then custom-ordering a Ford is your best bet. Sure, someone will have been behind the wheel at some point during assembly or shipping, but besides that, no one else will have left a single fingerprint – or accidental scratch or ding – on the inside of your new ride.

You Can Still Trade in Your Used Car Toward Your Purchase

If you’ve been wary of placing a custom order for a new car because you aren’t sure how the financing works, put those fears aside. Your car loan and financing from Zeck Ford OKC works exactly the same way with a custom order as it does if you were to buy a vehicle that’s sitting on our lot.

In fact, you can still trade in your used car to put toward your down payment, and you can even work with our finance department to find the best car loan – no additional legwork needed to evaluate your options from the numerous credit unions and banks offering financing.

Put Our Oklahoma Ford Dealer to Work for You!

Never visited Zeck Ford OKC in Purcell? Then you’re missing out! Our auto sales philosophy means you get the best deal on any vehicle we offer, and you know the one you’re getting is quality.

Even our used cars get our transparent pricing treatment, so you never need to haggle to get a good deal. We list the vehicle for sale at the lowest possible price, and our personal shoppers – not salespeople – work for you, not for a big commission.

Come visit us to see what we’re all about – or to ask questions about placing an order for a custom-built Ford vehicle. Find us at 2311 N. 9th Avenue in Purcell, Oklahoma, just a short drive from Norman and Oklahoma City.

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